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The Music of the Disneyland Resort



Posted by Club 33 , 28 July 2010 - * * * * * · 1,805 views

So I haven't posted much on the blog at late, but that's not for lack of work going on. I've spent most of my time sorting through finished playlists and formatting them for the new playlist section. The Disneyland section is the biggest so far (come on Jay and Horizons!), and I intend to keep it that way for as long as possible!As wit...


Storyteller's Cafe BGM

Posted by Club 33 , 14 June 2010 - - - - - - · 1,518 views
Hotels, Grand Californian Hotel
This is the loop that plays in Storyteller's Cafe. It plays during lunch and dinner service, and is replaced by a different loop during character breakfasts. While it is a very interesting loop, IDing it has proven difficult. The speakers are located up high in the cieling of the restaurant and are often difficult to hear over the sounds of guests enj...


Paradise Pier Hotel BGM

Posted by Club 33 , 01 June 2010 - - - - - - · 2,878 views
hotels, paradise pier hotel
This loop plays in and around the lobby and entrance of Disney's Paradise Pier Hotel.Loop runs 58:04.1. Sunset At The Wedge – The Vara-Tones – Jetty Subject to High Surf2. Banzai Pipeline* - The Blue Hawaiians - Sway 3. Drive – Gary Hoey – Animal Instinct4. Theme From the Endless Summer – Gary Hoey – Endless Summer II5. Slow Dance with a Fast Girl – T...


Napa Rose BGM

Posted by Club 33 , 31 May 2010 - - - - - - · 1,925 views
Grand Californian Hotel, Hotels and 1 more...
Like Storyteller's Cafe, the Napa Rose has its own music loop which plays throughout the restaurant and bar area, as well as outside on the patio overlooking the Grizzly Peak Recreation Area.This loop is similar to the Grand Californian Exterior Loop, which plays just outside and also features songs from "Four Corners" and "Aloft". Thi...


Hungry Bear Restaurant Music Loop

Posted by Club 33 , 14 May 2010 - - - - - - · 1,680 views
Restaurants, Critter Country and 1 more...
One of my favorite things about doing this blog is that I sometimes get specific requests for information on a particular piece of music, or tips about something to check out. I recently received a message from wedroy1923  that was a bit of both:Well I went and made a recording and, while I can't comment on the Magic Kingdom's Mile Long Bar loop,...


San Francisco Street / Bay Area Music Loop

Posted by Club 33 , 17 April 2010 - - - - - - · 821 views

With the recent installation of the new Paradise Park area music loop, we've seen the beginning of the replacement of the "DCA 1.0" loops. Specifically, the new loop has replaced the San Francisco Street/Bay Area music loop, which played in the area around San Francisco Street and Golden Dreams, and prior to its replacement was playing in the...


Disneyland Resort Music Loops

Posted by Club 33 , 17 April 2010 - - - - - - · 2,968 views

An ongoing project, this is a work-in-progress list of every area music loop at the Disneyland Resort.EsplanadeEsplanade HalloweenEsplanade HolidayMain Street USAMain Street USA HolidayThe Disney GalleryGreat Moments with Mr. Lincoln LobbyEmporiumDisney ClothiersChina ClosetPlaza InnPlaza Inn Character BreakfastEnchanted Tiki Room LanaiJungle Cruise Boath...


Disneyland, the First 50 Magical Years

Posted by Club 33 , 28 February 2010 - - - - - - · 963 views
Disneyland, Attractions
I admit, a Disneyland, the First 50 Magical Years post may seem a bit belated at this point. However, with the attraction now having been gone for a year, it's as good a time as any to discuss what music and audio of the attraction exists.The first major piece of audio from the film to surface was a recording made from the attraction's ALD feed. O...


IMDB for Attractions

Posted by Club 33 , 14 February 2010 - - - - - - · 549 views

It is amazing what a useful resource IMDB can be for theme park attractions- even attractions that really aren't film attractions. Nearly every attraction these days has some sort of video in it, however, in the form of pre-show films or safety videos. These pages, while not always complete, are great resources seeing as the attractions themselves don...


DLR Music Notes 1.6.10

Posted by Club 33 , 07 January 2010 - - - - - - · 705 views

So today I determined to go down to the park and finally catch up on all of the recording I haven't  been doing over the past four months or so. In addition to some observations which I'll share here I was able to record three complete loops, two of which were in response to specific requests here at MagicMusic which I'm looking forward to bei...

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